Windows Tips and Tricks – Quick Screen Clipping

It’s quite easy to hit the PrintScreen key and capture the whole screen. But how do we quickly capture a part of the screen ? If you are using OneNote, there’s a very cool trick I want to share with you:

First, make sure that you see the “New Quick Note” icon in your tray area:


Now, use this keyboard shortcut: Win+Shift+S and you should see a crosshair pointer for selecting a rectangular area. Move the pointer, click and drag until you select the desired part of the screen and you will see a dialog like this:


You can now select a target for you clipping, e.g. an OneNote Notebook, but it gets even better:

If you want to use the Clipboard as the default target for all clippings, tick the “Don’t ask me again …. ” checkbox and click the “Copy to Clipboard” button. Next time you use Win+Shit+S to take a clip, it will go straight to your clipboard without asking you for any more clicks. From there, you can paste it wherever you want.

It can’t get faster than that.





5 thoughts on “Windows Tips and Tricks – Quick Screen Clipping

  1. Hi Goran,

    Useful tip, but I just want to point out you don’t need One Note for this… Windows 7 and up comes with a built in Snipping Tool located at %windir%\system32\SnippingTool.exe which serves a similar purpose. I always create a shortcut to that in my quick launch bar.


    • Hi Steve,

      yes, I use the SnippingTool when I need to highlight something on the captured portion of the screen. Otherwise I just go for this shortcut and avoid one extra click. Both tools are great help.


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