Windows Tips and Tricks – Why do I Have Trouble Ejecting USB Hard Drives?

External USB drives should be safely detached from Windows instead of just unplugging them from the computer. Most of us know that by now.


But sometimes a safe eject is not possible for no obvious reason. There are some weird situations when we think we closed all the programs that access the drive but there is still something in the background that prevents a safe eject. Here are a couple of tips that you can try the next time this happens to you:

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SQL Server 2017 is coming

It’s official: the next version of SQL Server, planned to be released this year, will be called SQL Server 2017. It is currently in the Community Technology Preview (CTP) 2.0 stage which is the first production-quality preview of the product.

Even though it’s coming just a year after SQL 2016, it’s bringing some game-changing features. Here are the highlights:

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