Hello, dear reader!

This blog is all about SQL Server, Business Intelligence, Azure Data Platform and Data Science. It documents interesting projects I worked on or stumbled upon. It is also a way to give back to the SQL community, a unique group of enthusiast worldwide. If these articles help others working on similar projects then it was worth spending time and effort!

I started working with the SQL Server version 6.5 many years ago and have worked in various database-related roles ever since –  from database administrator to database developer to Data Warehouse and BI architect.

Since early 2016 I’ve been employed by Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer. Ans here’s where I need to insert some legal stuff: this is a private blog and I am blogging on my own behalf. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer. At the same time, I’m expressing my thoughts without disclosing any confidential business information.

Today I live in Munich, Germany, a great place for families and all those who love beer. I’m a member of the local chapter of PASS and often attend SQL Saturdays and Goran Stevanovic gorandalfsimilar events in the region.

When I don’t learn new stuff, I spend time with my kids, playing on Xbox, or just watching comedies.

That funny photo on the right shows me driving an old pink Cadillac on Cuba 🙂

Let’s connect and stay in touch.

Goran Stevanovic


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