Connect() live stream for Developers around the World

Connect() is a yearly, Microsoft-hosted developer event that is broadcast live from New York City to developers worldwide.

The Connect(); 2017 Live Stream will begin at 9:45am US Eastern (15:45 Central Europe) with a pre-show and the Keynotes will start at 10:00am Eastern (16:00 CET) on November 15th and stream live 15th and 16th.

Watch the stream here:

Event website:

They will be tweeting & posting from @VisualStudio @OpenAtMicrosoft @Azure and other handles using the hashtag #MSFTConnect.





Dynamic Data Masking

Here’s a new feature that I like very much: Limiting exposure of sensitive data like user emails, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and so on.

This feature has been available in the Azure SQL Database for a while and now it is included in the new SQL Server 2016 . So let’s see it in action…

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SQL Server 2016: configure TempDB during installation

Proper configuration of the TempDB system database is crucial for optimal performance of a SQL Server instances during heavy loads. The recommended strategy is to create multiple data files, one per CPU core (logical processor), but not more than 8.  Those files should be equal in size and with the same autogrowth settings. In past, this had to be done manually after the initial installation of SQL Server so many instances went to production with default values. SQL Server 2016 allows the configuration of TempDB DURING the setup process and it also sets better default settings than ever before. Continue reading

Row-Level Security part 2 – Controlling Write Access

My previous post was focused on controlling read operations. With the latest enhancements to the row-level security, it is now possible to restrict write operations as well. This feature is currently available as a preview now generally available in Azure SQL Database V12. Let’s see how that works.

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